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Warranty & Care


Warranty & care

We stand behind the quality of our workmanship as well as the quality of our materials. As there are a number of influences that can impact the end use of a door, we guarantee that the door will be supplied to the customer per the specifications given at the time of order. Any finishing or installation that is done by someone other than an employee of our company, will not be covered under our warranty.


When finishing the door:

Special care must be taken to ensure an even application is made to the surface of the door panels. The door should be finished with 30 days and should be kept dry and in a dry climate prior to being installed.


Upkeep and Maintenance:

As with any wood product that is exposed to the elements, it is important to keep the wood clean and free from debris. The finish of the door should be routinely checked to ensure that there are no exposed bare wood surfaces. Regular upkeep may include, re-finishing the entire door panel as required by normal exposure to the elements.